event management

Thank you for taking part in a CPR Group event management workshop. You can download our relevant tools and templates here.

Please click on the links below to download CPR Group's event management resources. Please note that these documents may take some time to download.

If you have any questions or would like further assistance, please contact us.


Do you need assistance with your club's event management?

If you need assistance to improve your organisation's event management, CPR Group’s Club TAGS program can help.

Club TAGS, Training in Administration and Governance Systems, is a personalised program that provides tailored, on-the-ground training, planning, mentoring and guidance to improve your event management and overall governance.

Through Club TAGS, you will receive customised governance and event management tools in an electronic training manual. CPR Group’s training programs are based on nationally-recognised governance procedures and sport and recreation industry best practice.

And best of all, grants are available to incorporated sport and recreation organisations to completely cover the costs of the Club TAGS program. With a grant, you can take part in the Club TAGS program at no cost to your organisation.

To find out more about the Club TAGS program, please click here, or follow the link below to register your interest.