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We believe that real engagement on Council and government projects provides the insight needed to deliver  attractive community programs and well-used public facilities.

CPR Group engages with all of the people close to our community, sport and recreation planning projects to develop constructive relationships that lead to supported, realistic and achievable plans.

CPR Group's master plans, land use plans, management plans, business cases and feasibility studies drive funding success. Our training programs help volunteers feel confident in their roles by simplifying all of the elements of running their organisations, even the scary parts, and better sharing the work around. 

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“CPR Group was able to capitalise on pre existing community networks and really connect with the local people. This meant that the community had significant input into the swimming pool and showgrounds master plans and felt ownership over the plans. The fact that many of the identified high priority work was immediately implemented is testament to the quality of the plans. ”

Community Services Manager, Flinders Shire Council

“It’s great to know we are hitting the mark and clubs are implementing the information presented... this sort of feedback is very satisfying. It validates why we do what we do. Thanks heaps for helping to make it happen.”
Sport & Recreation Development Officer, Moreton Bay Regional Council