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CPR Group’s Club TAGS (training in administration and governance systems) is helping volunteers all over Australia to run better clubs. Club TAGS focuses on the individual training needs of club committees. Taking part in this exciting one-on-one program ensures that your club gets the knowledge and skills you need to make more money and run more professionally.

How well are your committee meetings running? 

Do you understand your legal obligations? 

Is your organisation planning for the future? 

Do you have a risk management program? 

How well are you managing your volunteers? 

Just thinking about these questions can make some committees jumpy. If you recognise that you need help to improve the administration of your club or association, knowing where to start can be a challenge. 

CPR Group’s Club TAGS program is an interactive training and mentoring program, which has been developed to help your organisation better address these issues. 

Through regular face-to-face contact with your committee, CPR Group personnel will help you advance all areas of your club’s operations. We provide tailored, on-the-ground training and mentoring. 

You will receive customised governance and administration tools to guide your current and future management personnel. CPR Group’s training and mentoring is based on nationally recognised governance procedures and sport and recreation industry best practice. 

Grants are available to certain incorporated organisations to completely cover the costs of the Club TAGS training program. With a grant, you can take part in the Club TAGS program at no cost to your organisation.

To find out more, please register your interest below and we will contact you to discuss the Club TAGS program.

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