Kilkivan Equestrian Centre Concept Plan

Gympie Regional Council


  • Development of a sound argument based on extensive research, community and industry consultation and solid economic projections for inter-governmental investment in the development of an equestrian centre at Kilkivan

  • Development of concept plans for the redevelopment of Kilkivan Showgrounds to include an equestrian centre

  • Completion of a business case and successful Queensland Government funding application for $1.075M in support of the project

Consultation of a broad range of stakeholders with a myriad of expectations in a short timeframe introduced some hurdles at the beginning of the project. However the local community, not-for-profit groups and the local council were extremely helpful throughout the process.

Rationale for the project focused on strengthening the communities and economies of Kilkivan and the Gympie region and our consultation revealed that the project would strengthen Kilkivan’s position as a community centred on horse riding.

The key findings presented in the business case indicated the project would:

  • Generate employment and economic activities for the local community

  • Enhance, extend the life of and improve the functionality of existing infrastructure

  • Meet the needs of the local community, contributing to a sustainable and liveable community

  • Fulfil several state, regional and local priorities

  • Contribute to building a safe, caring and connected community by enhancing infrastructure and access

  • Ensure the facility is resilient to natural disasters and reduce future expenditure on asset restoration