Cherbourg Sports Club Facility Master Plan

Guiding facility improvement

Cherbourg Sports Club plays an essential role within the local community, having over 80 children visit each day. With investment support, they could maximise their community impact and continue to be a positive influence in the region for many more years to come.  

They engaged us to help prepare a master plan and prioritised implementation plan to support their grant application to the Queensland Government’s Get Playing Places and Spaces program.

CPR Group worked cohesively with the club, Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council and Queensland Government departments to ensure a facility plan that met the needs of the community.

The result was a detailed plan that identified works for each site element, including prioritisation over 10-years and cost estimates. The master plan, utilising drone imagery, conceptualised the plan, providing a realistic overview of the project.

CPR Group’s plans were key attachments to the grant application, which led to the project being funded. Cherbourg Sports Club now has the plan and the funds to increase its contribution to a healthy and active region.