Gatton Showgrounds Master Plan

Lockyer Valley Regional Council commissioned CPR Group to carry out community consultation, reporting and master plan design for the Gatton Showgrounds. The site included more than just a showgrounds arena. With an equestrian node, aquatic centre and speedway, the project involved a high level of coordination and design expertise. The purpose of the project was to workshop and investigate approaches to revitalise the site, creating more opportunities for existing and new users, and the community.

CPR Group worked with Council, site stakeholders and the broader community to identify needs and future ideas for the showgrounds.

The ideas formulated through the process were included in a draft Master Plan design which was published for the broader community to provide input. 

This input was summarised and the master plan was refined to produce the final master plan and report.

Lockyer Valley Regional Council now has a long-term, sustainable vision for the site. The master plan will be a valuable tool for Council and user groups to seek funding over the next 10-20 years.

The master plan provides a staged implementation plan for the future, as well as recommendations for improved management and operations of the site. The master plan will enable the Gatton Showgrounds to host a larger variety of events and activities for the community to enjoy for decades to come.