CPR Group is a specialist stakeholder engagement consultancy firm.

Stakeholders are people who can influence the decisions you want to make. A stakeholder may support or oppose your proposals, or be influential within your organisation or within the wider community in which your organisation operates.

Stakeholder engagement is about talking to these people, listening and educating them. Talking to people gives us the kind of insight you can only get from insiders. It also makes sure they feel heard, meaning they’ll be more invested in your project and well equipped with the right facts.

Stakeholder engagement is part of good corporate social responsibility. Our Stakeholder Engagement consultants assist you to engage with purpose and manage risk; whether guiding people through major change, driving projects forward and securing your ‘social licence’, or influencing behaviour change.

Our Stakeholder Engagement services


Communications and Engagement


Issues identification, risk assessment and data collation and analysis.

Enabling Relationships


Stakeholder liaison, stakeholder profiling and conflict management.

Online and Social Media


Utilising online channels we add value by continuously creating, adapting and evolving to deliver ideas that warrant engagement.

Evaluation and Reporting


Evidence based reports that meet expectations.

Facilitation and Strategic Advice


Community Reference Groups, strategy development, change management.