Football Queensland Statewide Facilities Plan 2018-2022

Football Queensland (FQ) engaged CPR Group to prepare a statewide facilities’ plan to guide the maintenance and development of their facility network over the next five years. FQ is made up of 268 affiliated clubs across 274 football venues and has over 77,000 registered members across the state.

With FQ expecting that the national trend in football growth will continue to be reflected locally, it is vital that the state’s football facilities are enhanced and maintained appropriately to meet current and future demand.

The plan aimed to provide a shared vision for improving the standard of football facility provision throughout Queensland.

We reviewed and critically analysed the current situation in relation to football facility provision in Queensland in order to present guidance and recommendations for the future.

CPR Group undertook extensive consultation with member zones, associations and clubs, local government authorities and the Queensland Government to help inform the plan. We reviewed each of the 10 affiliated zones and Meakin Park to identify existing facilities, provide a summary of current facility provision and to list the zone’s desired facility development improvement projects over the next five years.

The plan identified strategies for alleviating gaps in service provision and capitalised on opportunities.

The plan provided individual snapshots and details of desired projects for the 10 affiliated zones and Meakin Park and recommendations for facility projects prioritised for implementation by 2022.

As part of the project, preferred facility guidelines for the provision of infrastructure were developed for different levels of football.

Football Queensland is currently implementing the plan across the state. The plan has provided Football Queensland, zones and clubs and associations with identified, prioritised projects, which can be used to support applications for facility funding.