BMX Queensland State Facility Network Plan

BMX Queensland engaged CPR Group to prepare a 10 year State Facility Network Plan. BMX Queensland is serviced by 32 affiliated clubs and is the only state where the state association is supported by four volunteer-based regional associations.

We used an evidence-based approach to prioritise the development of BMX facilities across Queensland to lead to increased participation in the sport.

CPR Group conducted facility audits for all 32 affiliated clubs and Sleeman Sports Complex along with an extensive consultation program including club representatives and executives, riders, officials, parents, spectators, 24 local councils, BMX Queensland board members and staff and BMX Australia.

The BMX Queensland State Facility Network Plan identified and prioritised BMX facility needs across Queensland. It provided evidence-based, strategic guidance to ensure a coordinated approach to facility development, to cater for all levels of riders in Queensland.

The plan identified strategies for alleviating gaps in service provision and capitalising on opportunities. The report provided guiding principles for facility maintenance, development and upgrades to effectively support clubs and zones in conducting localised projects to better meet the needs of their customers.  

The plan critically analysed the current situation in relation to BMX facility provision and presented guidance for the future. The results of the audit met the expectation of the club committees with most clubs using their audit documents to gain grants to upgrade facilities.

The scope of work undertaken to inform this plan had not been done before in the history of BMX in Australia, and it is likely that no similar plans have been completed for the sport nationally. The plan provides an opportunity to set a new benchmark for facility inspections, audits and planning for the sport across Australia and internationally.